5 Awesome Toys for Tots You Can Find on Amazon Right Now

Staying home with kids all day is tough. We all get it. But it doesn’t have to be miserable, and let’s not make it that way by framing it as being such! Instead, find some great outlets for your children (and yourself!) to be challenged, entertained, and remain safe, healthy and sane during this crazy time! Below are some of my favorite toys for “long play” for kid 1-4 years old. You can find all these items on Amazon today and have them delivered within 48-hours (pending package delivery services at this time….! Eeek.). I hope it helps! 🙂 #Stayhome #Staysafe


Puzzles are an awesome way to keep kids entertained, excerise their brains and bond together. Once I realized we were on the road to pandemic home confinement here in California’s Bay Area, I bought a bunch of new puzzles to help us through the long days. It’s been 6 days since we have been home (we started before it was ‘cool’ to stay home, per say…) and so far, it’s been worth it. Check out this 6-pack set or this pack for pre-schoolers, or this one for even younger tots. This pack of puzzles of “things that go” for 1-2 year olds is also great.  


I super highly recommend Picasso Tiles (also known as Magnatiles — they all fit together so you can combine sets/brands here). I also recommend investing in a big set. My kids play with these for hours, DAYS, WEEKS! It has been well worth the collection. Gifts from grandparents and friends have expanded our set enormously (we started off with a 16 peice pack and now have probably 200+). Honestly, it’s worth the money in my view point. My kids build, learn, laugh, knock down and build again for a collection of at least 2 hours a day, if not more. They have to learn to trade, share, balance their structures, work with shapes, weigh, dimensions, and… disappointment when the other one knocks it down. 

Train Sets

Like magnatiles, trains take up a lot of our daytime activties. I don’t mind. The kids are learning to construct train tracks themselves, fix problems along the way and play with each other, and by themselves through the use of trains and train tracks. Again with the investment. Our slow growth of a collection has been well worth it. If you have young kids, I’d highly recommend this kind of “long play” toy that can last years and take up a lot of time. 

We started off with a set like this and then added plain expansion pack like this. Since then we have added other small sets and collected trains as gifts for birthdays and holidays. 


Currently we do not have a little block set like this because, really, I am out of storage space in our tiny little play space. But – they one just like this at my child’s school and he LOVES blocks. Generally, kids love blocks. And building. Using their imagination and experiencing “building” is fun, challenging and exciting for kids of all ages. This set is perfect for little ones just starting out on their journey of blocks! The colors, shapes and sizes in this set are perfect for this experience. We do, however, have these big cardboard blocks that my kids love. Funny, we have room for these but not the small set. Ha. I just can’t add anything more! I need a bigger house! 🙂 

Building Toys

There are a lot, and I mean a lot of options on Amazon for STEM based building toys like this one, this set, this one or this one. I’d suggest just picking one set for now and letting your collection grow! These kinds of sets are great challenges for the mind and an awesome way to connect and play alongside your child. Toys that help create and problem solving are awesome ways to spend time! 

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