6 Simple Sun Safety Tips for Kids

Barrier Protection is the Best Protection

Barriers from the sun are the best defense. Add UV protection clothing to their summer wardrobe including rash guards with sleeves for the beach, hats that cover the neck, and sunglasses. Adding protection that travels with them across sand and sea is a great and easy way to put your guard up against the sun! See my gear suggestions here.

Give me Sun, Give me Shade

Use umbrellas, canopies and tents whenever possible. Blocking an area from the rest will help them cool down and feel refreshed on a hot day! It will also help them stay out of the UV rays! See my gear suggestions here.

Choose the Right Sunscreen

This one is actually really hard to me. I have read a lot on organic verse non-organic sunscreen and have weighed the pros and cons of the chemical make-up of many of the options on the market. I am not sure there is a complete right answer here for everyone. The most important thing here is that you actually apply sunscreen – so if that is an affordability factor or an actual application factor – do what makes sense financially and physically (like an easy spray, mousse or stick). Moving past that level, if you can choose a sunscreen of any kind – try organic and baby aimed products that have good track records like Sun Bum and Babyganics (here). I like Honest products but remember a whole thing about people getting burned using their sunscreen before.

Time it Right

If you have early birds, try hitting the beach, lake or pool in the earlier half of the day. Even if that means making it to the beach at “gates open 8:00am”! You can get a few hours of sand and surf in before the sun is strongest at noon! If it is impossible for you to rise, shine and ride to the shore early, perhaps you can nap your kids early and hit the beach or lake for a late afternoon and early evening swim! Pack a picnic dinner and return home for bath and bed after dusk! The best thing about summer is the sun stays out for so long, an evening beach session is no problem!

Don’t Stay Forever

Staying in the sun all day really isn’t a great idea. It can feel awesome and be a lot of fun, of course, but the sun can truly take a toll on skin healthy and energy. Plan your day accordingly, especially with young ones. If you need to get creative, bring a big pop up tent with books, coloring and other fun things to rest and take a sun-break.

Don’t be Fooled

You are still getting sun through haze and clouds, remember to continue with sun protection methods even on not-so-perfect summer days.

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