We are less than a week out from welcoming our third child and I, I have to admit, I am just preparing now. The gear, the clothing, the organizing, the nesting, the mental game, the childcare for my other two – yeah – it’s all happening now. Heck, I just found someone to cover for me at work for the next few months a few days ago. Eeek! 

The third kid is a lot different from the first, apparently. With my first child, my hospital bag was packed two months in advance. This time I was lucky I convinced my husband to set-up the bassinet last weekend instead of this weekend (ya know, just in case!). The truth is that even if the baby arrived early, we’d figure it out. We might not have everything we need or want, or it all sorted out in the right order but it would be okay. We have been on the rollercoaster before!

Alas, it really is time to stop thinking about it and just do it. That brings me to the pumping and nursing prep! I have talked about my struggles with breast milk before. You can read all about it in my posts: 

This time, I am going to try something new suggested by my favorite lactation specialist and begin pumping right away at the hospital, alongside nursing. She thinks this might give me a “jump” on the production – I sure hope so. I am all for anything that will help me out in this department! I already have formula ready to go at home just in case (ugh). 

Today I am getting my nursing supplies ready for the hospital:

  • Bottles and attachments for Dr. Browns (these easily work with the Medela pump – which we have at home and our hospital offers for rent as well) 
  • My favorite, comfortable pumping and nursing bras (so you don’t have to switch between bras or change out of all your clothes to do either) 
  • My absolutely must have – nipple butter for both nursing and pumping 
  • A cover, just because pumping is really not my favorite farm-animal-feeling scene to share. Nursing is much cuter. 

At home, I find it important to have a good space set-up for pumping complete with a charger for iphone or ipad, room enough for for snacks (protein heavy!) and water, the pump plugged in and ready to go, and spare parts available. I am all about spare pumping parts – it really just makes life so much better.

It is also nice to have a soft light in this area for late night or early morning pumping sessions. Read all about the products you want (or need!) as a pumping Mama here: 10 Products You Want as a Nursing or Pumping Mom.

In making pumping life easier read my post here: 10 Easy Steps to Clean Baby Bottles and Pumping Accessories.