10 Easy Steps to Clean Baby Bottles and Pumping Accessories

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1. Rinse with hot water

As bottles are emptied or pumping is finished, rinse gear and bottles under hot water and collect the parts in a bin near the sink.

2. Use bottle soap or milk removal soap

Make sure you have bottle soap or milk removal soap at home.

3. Grab a bottle brush

There are plenty of kinds to pick from. I prefer ones with stands.

4. Soak it all in hot, soapy water

Once the small bin of bottle parts starts to fill-up with used gear, put in some bottle soap and fill the bin up with hot water. Let is soak for a few minutes.

5. Wash each piece individually

Use your bottle brush to thoroughly wash each piece of gear well. I find washing the bottles and rinsing them out with fresh water, first, helps cut down on time. Then, I do all the small part.

6. Save the nipples and other small part for the end

The last things you should wash are the parts that require you to take apart the bottle brush to use the smaller brush inside (to clean the inside of the nipples, for instance).

7. Use a strainer

This pro-tip came to me late in the game. We now have a small, dedicated strainer we use to collect all the soapy parts and then rinse them in hot water all at once.

8. Sterilize

If you are sterilizing, once your gear is washed, sterilize in your Dr. Brown’s Sterilize (or other).

9. Rinse Well

Ensure all the soap residue is removed. (Skip for sterilized gear)

10. Dry on a clean drying rack

Make sure you have a clean place to air dry all your bottle and pumping good. I really like these grass and tree situations. Remember to clean your racking space at least once a week.