A Greener Family: 10 Easy Ways to be Less Toxic and More Eco-Friendly

For my first post on a more eco-friendly house, click here! Below are some super small and easy ways to make your busy household a bit more eco-friendly!

Buy less…Consume less

Decide as a family to use your money to share experiences together verse consume goods. Go to the beach, take a hike, go for a bike ride, share a picnic, go for a special trip, attend a fun class. Building memories together instead of consuming stuff goes along way. You’ll not only build a great bond, have a good time and enjoy life together – but you’ll help the environment as well!

Discover New Footwear

Check out Allbirds. This company uses an innovative wool fabric made specifically for footwear, a new use for naturally existing materials, rather than relying on cheaper synthetics. Try out Vivobarefoot for a similar same eco-friendly wave.

Switch to Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Food pouches for kids are so easy and convenient, I am no stranger to indulging in such an effective and trouble-free way to offer a snack on the go. However, most of these pouches are horrible for the environment and cannot be recycled or composted. The convenience is limited in both the health choice here and the disservice to the world our kids are growing up in (hello, landfills..).

Try switching it up to using a reusable pouch you can create yourself with fresh, healthy fruits and veggies (such as this silicon one or these super cute animal ones), try Once Upon a Farm which offers compostable packing and fresh ingredients.

Swap Stickers

Try reusable stickers instead of one time stickers that are thrown away.

Try Green Toys

Give eco-friendly toys a try such as these from Green Toys, these from BeginAgain, or stick with wooden toys instead of plastics.

Go battery-less

Purchase and gift toys that don’t require batteries such as this developmental puzzle, wooden blocks, or a farm set! Open ended toys are great for long term play, curiousity, creativity and concentration.

Eco iPhone Case

Protect your smartphone with a smarter case. Try GroveMade or this cork case.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Bags

Reusable totes for great for the grocery store and farmer’s market and even for shopping at the mall or local boutiques. I love baggu bags or simple canvas totes.

Switch Up Your Writing Utensil

Simple pencils made from wood (not plastic) are eco-friendly and so original. You could also try these pens made out of recycled material.

Make your family’s calendar digital

Instead of using dry erase markers that end up in the landfill or ripping sheets of the board each month, try using google calendar for the whole family and access the schedule from anywhere. You can overlap multiple calendars, share views with other people (like grandparents, babysitters or make an entire shared calendar for the PTA or ladies at book club!). We have a kid’s calendar, a childcare calendar, home calendar and our personal calendars.

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