My Child: 23 Pairs of Chromosomes

Having kids make me more interested than ever in my genetics. Who am I? Where do I come from? And further more – who are my children? What makes them up? Having children is an amazing, crazy, weird experience — “we MADE him!” But of what? What DNA? What genes exactly?

A few years ago – my husband convinced me to do 23andme.

I was wary – I didn’t want to know my chances of having Parkinson’s or cancer before my 50th birthday. He assured me, it doesn’t necessarily work like that – taking a genetic test like this doesn’t tell you that you are going to die at 45 or live until 100. But it does help you learn how your genetics influences your chances of developing certain health conditions (Diabetes, Celiac, Alzheimer’s…). This insight gives you a chance to speak with your doctor about wellness management – your diet, lifestyle, and even environment as necessary. I’d do anything these days to keep my health and be around for my kid’s lives as long as possible!

Even more, this at-home test give you an extensive map of your ancestry (with plenty of surprises for some of us!), allowing you to discover where your DNA is from out of 1000+ regions worldwide.

Having children makes all of this so much more interesting and important to me.

Are you interested in knowing more about where you came from? Try 23andme for an at-home test!