At Home Spa Night on Home Isolation

Looking for ways to get a little relaxation and self-care in while on home isolation? With little kids at home, it seems pretty impossible for most of us. I know for me, after I get the kids to bed, pump, clean up the kitchen, put away the toys, eat something myself – the most I can manage to do is brush my teeth and put on pajamas that may or may not match.

But in a time like this – high-stress and uncertainty – find a moment and way to relax and pamper yourself just even for 15 minutes can go along way. Check out ideas below to make-up your own quick spa appointment at home… by yourself…. Hang in there mamas!

Face Mask

Hair Mask

Body Scrub

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

Teeth Whitening


Personal Massagers (no, no, not that kind…)