A Guide to Mother’s Day During a Pandemic

Mother’s Day was all about meeting up with grandma, aunts and in-laws for some sweet matriarchal celebration (count me in for eggs benedict and mimosas!) and celebrating the moms around us. Until now. There is no amount of safe meeting up to be had this year unless you all want to wear face masks, stay at least 6 feet apart, gather in an open air space, and avoid sharing any type of food or physical contact. Blah.

Whether or not you were spoiled to the nines or celebrated in a simple way as a mom – there is no denying that a lot of us got together with family and friends, or simply left the house for this recognition of the women/mother figures in our lives. This year is proving to be oh-so-different. When Sunday, May 10th, rolls around this year – you can definitely count on me to still be on my best social-distancing behavior whether or not the bans are lifted before then (you can read this, this, this, and this for why). So, as for celebrating the women in your life this year? We’ll all have to think differently. 

Send a Card

Yes! You can still send cards – and you should! The United States Postal Service could sure as heck use your money…. desperately. Remind grandma to wipe down the envelope or package when it arrives, or at least wait two or three days before handling it. You can send a super sweet personalized card easily by using postable – skipping the trip to the post office all together! (use my code for $5 credit over $20: MRW64F8G). 

Send a Video Message

Now more than ever before, we have accessible technology on our side. It is super easy to clip together a video wishing your loved ones a happy mother’s day that they can watch on repeat. Put some time and thought into it – maybe even make it into a fun project with the kids (hello dress-up!). 

Give a Gift

Even though we are normally a no-gift family for mother’s day and father’s day, this year we’ll consider it. You should think about it too if you have the means. So many businesses are struggling right now, if you have the cash to spend, support your local restaurants with a take-out order for mother’s day brunch or dinner or spend some cash on a nice gift! You could contact your mother’s/wife’s/sister’s favorite hair salon, yoga studio, book store, or coffee shop to get an electronic gift card to use at a later date or see a list of gift ideas here

Get Take Out 

Like I said above – supporting your local restaurants right now is a great idea if you have the means! On Mother’s Day, it also means no cooking or cleaning up for mom. Try doordash for easy ordering ahead! 

Share Time Together

Mother’s Day this year will be lonely for a lot of folks who can’t be with their loved ones to celebrate. Instead of a quick video chat with your mom, mother-in-law or aunt — make it a full-on event. Prop up the iPad for a long conversation, think of a game to play virtually, and come up with some favorite memories ahead of time to talk about. If you are celebrating with the mother in your life right at home – it’s definitely going to be about together time (if we all haven’t had enough). Make breakfast in bed, watch her favorite movie together, make some sweet desserts to enjoy, share in some extra quality time alone or leave room for a game night. 

Give Her Some Space

If your wife wants nothing else this Mother’s Day, she might just want a f-cking break.

This pandemic has put a lot of stress on the women of the world who are the default childcare providers – nonetheless the grocery shoppers, chefs, house cleaners, supply keepers, scheduler makers and kid entertainers in the home. Maybe all she wants is to take a long shower and curl up on her bed in her robe to binge watch Tiger King by herself. Let her do it! Take over for the kids, the kitchen, the cooking, and let her enjoy a day of ‘freedom’ – even if still confined to the house. 

Make It Special

Even though you can’t get out for a nice meal, or get together with family or friends outside the home unit – you can still make Mother’s Day feel special. Put the kids to bed early and light some candles for that yummy take-out! Put on some of your favorite tunes, crack open a bottle of wine and spend some time talking without distraction. Don’t forget to prepare a sweet dessert, because that is always the best part.

Honestly, decorating the house with homemade streamers, balloons or art from the kids is going to feel special during this crazy year! 

Get Outside

Even though we have to be mindful of our health and that of our communities, if you have the ability to safely get out of the house together for a walk, bike ride or drive – do it. It might be nice to get some fresh air and a change of scenery – even if that doesn’t mean a fancy restaurant with bottomless bellinis. 

Be Generous to a Stranger 

There are a whole lot of elderly folks stuck alone at nursing homes with not a lot to celebrate these days. Think about mailing in some arts and crafts from the kiddos, or some sweet letters to strangers in isolation in a local nursing home. Call up your local nursing home director to inquire about sending sweet treats or flowers over for some visual joy!

See my gift guide here for more on Mother’s Day!